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What's Zapper?
What's Ethereum?
What's DeFi?
Our Mission
What's Zapper?

Zapper was formed as a result of DeFiSnap + DeFiZap coming together to create the ultimate hub for Decentralized Finance aka #DeFi.

  1. Invest.

    Browse unique opportunities available across the always expanding list of available DeFi platforms.

  2. Monitor.

    Get a snapshot of all your DeFi assets & liabilities.

  3. Manage.

    Easily re-balance between DeFi platforms or create your own opportunities.

What's Ethereum?

Ethereum is a global, open source platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, or third party interference.

Countries use fiat currencies to incentivize citizens to build roads, houses, etc.

Ethereum uses gwei to incentivize miners to contribute computational to the network.

Just like jewelers use gold to make necklaces and rings, developers program digital agreements and pay gwei, a unit of account used for paying miners fees for running operations-AKA smart contracts.

Gwei is converted to Ether which is deducted as the smart contract gets executed.

Why is there gwei AND Ether? Why can’t we just price operations in Ether directly?

The reason for that is to decouple the price of an operation with the market price of Ether. If the price of Ether skyrockets on the market, the cost of running operations could be controlled with gwei/ETH conversion rate (set by miners).

Learn more about smart contracts.

Why is this important?

What's interesting is that anyone is able to write smart contracts and create new financial instruments such as money markets, exchanges and asset management solutions.

The internet disinter-mediated traditional media over the last twenty years by providing wealth building tools to content creators.

Ethereum is doing to finance what the internet did to the media by democratizing the creation of new financial instruments.

What's DeFi?

DeFi represents a broad category of financial applications that are being developed on top of open, trust-minimized, programmable and censorship resistant networks to improve upon the legacy financial system or create entirely new use-cases.

Today most of these new applications are deployed on Ethereum.

DeFi vs. Fintech

The internet tremendously improved communication and trade execution speeds but was not able to transform finance at its most critical point: the creation of new instruments.

Ethereum enables anyone to programmatically control digital value through ‘smart contracts’. Smart contracts are essentially computer programs that escrow and then reallocate value based on certain conditions.

These conditions could effectively replicate swaps, options, futures, bonds, or other financial instruments which are executed and settled by Ethereum’s decentralized network with immutable records.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the GDP of DeFi by abstracting the complexities of accessing unique opportunities faced by retail investors, fund managers and builders around the world.