A list of all the public Zapper API endpoints

Public API Key

The Zapper API uses API Keys to authenticate requests. Zapper has made available for public use the following API key api_key=96e0cc51-a62e-42ca-acee-910ea7d2a241
We ask that builders using the API include our "Powered by Zapper" logo with a backlink to https://zapper.fi in their project. "Powered by Zapper" brand asset can be downloaded here.

Zapper Endpoints

The Swagger UI linked below contains an overview of all of the available endpoints. Be creative and feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or to show us what you've built.
Swagger UI
View all of the Zapper API endpoints

Endpoint Overview

Using the Public API key in Swagger

If you enter in the public API key into the Authorize section in Swagger you will be able to directly test the endpoints in the Swagger UI.
Enter API key into the authorize section

API Support

For any API related inquiries, please reach out in the build-on-zapper channel in our Discord.
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