Add liquidity to Curve pools & start generating fees on stable-coins.
Add Liquidity
Remove Liquidity

Uses a hybrid of a constant sum and constant product, and arrives at quite a complex function below:

Where x is the reserves for each asset, n is the number of assets, D is an invariant that represents the value in the reserve, and A is the “amplification coefficient”, which is a tunable constant that provides an effect similar to leverage and influences the range of asset prices that will be profitable for liquidity providers (i.e. the higher the asset volatility, the higher A should be).

This function acts as a constant sum when the portfolio is balanced and shifts towards a constant product as the portfolio becomes more imbalanced. In effect, the function looks like a “zoomed-in hyperbola”.


Who's this for?

Risk-averse: prefer stable and predictable income.

Generally bearish on crypto markets for the time being.

Add Liquidity
sUSD Curve Pooling Illustration
  1. Connect your digital wallet.

    No wallet? Get one.

  2. Navigate to the Invest tab.

  3. Type in Curve in the filter & click Add liquidity next to the pool you would like to join.

  4. Enter how much liquidity you would like to add in ETH or ERC20s (fiat coming soon). Token balances show up in the drop-down if you have them available.

  5. Confirm the transaction & you will receive Curve Pool Tokens (CRV) which are ERC20 tokens that track your liquidity provided to the protocol.

Note: Curve pooling options will be included in Multipooling soon. For now, you are able to submit 2 separate transactions if you would like to add liquidity to both Curve and Uniswap pool.

Remove Liquidity
  1. As usual start by selecting which pool you want to exit.

  2. For output you are able to select ETH, sUSD, DAI, USDC, TUSD, USDT, or BUSD.

  3. Confirm your transaction.


Add liquidity to sUSD pool on Curve + stake your pool tokens to receive $BAL + $SNX + future $CRV rewards.

1. Type in 'sUSD' to filter Curve sUSD pool.
2. Enter how much liquidity you would like to add.
3. Once you have sUSD Curve pool tokens, click stake.
4. Simply click confirm & your pool tokens will start accruing rewards.
5. View your current staked assets. Claim rewards / unstake anytime.

Add liquidity to sBTC pool on Curve + stake your pool tokens to receive $BAL + $SNX + $REN + future $CRV rewards.

Add liquidity to YCurve pool + stake your pool tokens to receive $YFI + future $CRV rewards.